As of 2019, I’m taking a break from recording and producing new studio clients to focus on producing my own music.

Client Discography:

Renown Worship Album Art

Renown Worship   (mixed & mastered this live album)

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"Eden’s Sound"

Monty Byrom Live Pic

Monty Byrom Band   (mastered the music for his upcoming live concert dvd)

“Cold Outside"

Alex Franklin Pic

Alex Franklin   (I played drums, recorded, mixed, & mastered her album)

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Steven Laity - Guitar Culture Album Art

Steven Laity   (recorded, mixed & mastered this solo guitar album)

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“Front Porch Father"

Michael Fugitt Concert Pic

Michael Fugitt   (recorded Michael’s vocals and mastered the song)

“Magic In The Dark"

Tracy Peoples   (recorded, mixed, & mastered the music for this video)

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